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Using TypeScript with React


Udemy Coupon - Learn how to use TypeScript to build React projects (including Next.js and Apollo GraphQL).

What you'll learn

  • Basic and advanced features of TypeScript
  • Using TypeScript in React projects
  • Writing types for React patterns (higher order components, render props, etc)
  • How to integrate TypeScript into a Create React App with Redux
  • How to build a NextJS web app which uses the GraphQL API using TypeScript
  • Using types provided by third-party packages and creating custom type definitions
  • Using React with TypeScript in general


What is this course about?
Nowadays, TypeScript and React are extremely popular in the world of front end, and many companies use them to develop their web apps. Therefore, being able to build React apps using TypeScript is quite a valuable skill in 2020. This course will teach you the TypeScript skills that are necessary to start building React apps with confidence.
You’ll learn how to describe types for the function and class components, use higher order components and render props patterns for code reuse, import third-party libraries, their types, and create custom types for them if necessary.
This course is most suited to those who have worked on React applications in the past and now want to learn TypeScript.
You'll learn how to use TypeScript to build a React web application.
What are we going to build?
Project 1:
We'll build an example Create React App project with TypeScript and Redux. The focus of this project is to show how to use TypeScript with Redux while developing a simple web app.
Project 2:
We’ll build a task list app called "Task Mate" using the Next.js framework and Apollo GraphQL libraries. You’ll learn how to:
use hooks
create and use a higher order components
merge declarations
create types for GraphQL queries and mutations and use them
So, ready to broaden your skills in front end? If so, then take this course and let’s start coding!
Who this course is for:

People who have worked on React applications in the past and now want to learn how to integrate TypeScript into React projects.

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