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Data Structures with Python

Data Structures with Python

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The All-In-one Course for you to Conquer Data Structures with Python
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  • Created by Neeraj Adityananth P
  • English

What you'll learn

  • Data Structures in Python
  • All the way from the Built-in to User defined data structures intuition with implementation
  • Understand OOPS Concept required to build User-defined Data Structures
  • How to solve and approach a Data-Structure Problem
  • Understand applications of Data Structures
  • Know and determine Time-Complexities of Operations over Data-Structures
  • Discover methods on Data-Structures
  • Solved problems so that it's easy to start off practicing
  • Download The Whole Code


Learn Data Structures in Python all the way from Built-in to User-Defined.
It's Beginner Friendly with intuition followed by code tutorials, So It's Easy to Understand and Visualise a Data Structure.
Solving Problems would be easier after learning the Data Structure as you have better intuition.

Course Design:  (Intuition) + (Code walkthrough) + (Time-Complexity + Application of that Data Structure)

Data Structures Include:
2-D Arrays
OOP For understanding data structures
Doubly Linked Lists
Circular Linked Lists
Binary Trees
Binary Search Trees + Traversals
AVL Trees
Heaps +  Heap sort
Priority Queue
Graphs + Properties
Graph Traversals
Spanning Trees + MST
Prims + Kruskals Algorithms for MST
Tries (Keyword Trees)
Take Away Section.

Who this course is for:

Python developers who have basics and want to crack coding interviews
Developers who want to improve python for data structures and implement them in interviews
Beginners in python who want to have data structures foundation
Students who want to start competitive programming

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