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Rest API Using MongoDB and NodeJS: Beginners Guide


Udemy Coupon - Rest API Using MongoDB and NodeJS: Beginners Guide, 
Basic and Important tutorials for Rest API and MongoDB
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This course is all about Node JS and Node.js can be used in database applications.
One of the most popular NoSQL databases is MongoDB.
This course will give you insight about
Rest API using NodeJS
MongoDB Queries
MongoDB Aggregation
MongoDB pipeline for NodeJS
Integration with NodeJS application
Insert, Update, Delete data from Node JS to MongoDB using API
In this course, you will learn all the below-mentioned topics:
1. Node JS-installation
2. Visual Studio Code- Installation
3. Node JS Project Creation
4. Create the First API
5. Get Request
6. Postman installation
7. Get Request with Param
8. POST request
9. PUT Request
10. DELETE request
11. MongoDB installation
12. MongoDB compass Installation
13. MongoDB compass basic queries
14. MongoDB - FindSort
15. Aggregation -$match
16. Aggregation -$project
17. Aggregation -$addFields
18. Aggregation - $sort
19. Aggregation -$group
20. Aggregation -$unwind
21. Pipeline for Node
22. How to fetch data from MongoDB in node js
23. How to insert data to MongoDB from node js
24. How to update data in MongoDB from node js
25. How to update data in MongoDB from node js
26. Swagger Open API Documentation (OpenAPI, Swagger Tool, Swagger UI)
In this tutorial, you will learn end-to-end restful API development using Node JS, Express Js, and MongoDB.

Also, I have explained about the postman tool for API Testing.

This course will help you to start working as a full-stack developer.

So, don’t wait for the magic, and let’s get started with this amazing course.
If you have any queries, please do let me know.

My email id: chandan.krk@gmail.com

Who this course is for:

Beginners of Web Development, API Development,
Swagger API Automation
API developer

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