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Practical SQL Masterclass for Quick Interview Preparation


Practical SQL Masterclass for Quick Interview Preparation - 
Feel "experienced" in SQL by end of this course - Showcase SQL expertise - Get hired directly at senior positions
  • Created by Prashant Munshi
  • English [Auto]

What you'll learn

  • Learn to solve from most basic to highly complex data handling & manipulation problems
  • 40% SQL topics are exclusive to this course only - not even touched in other advanced courses
  • Learn to create your own database and interact with existing databases and schema
  • Exclusive join & subquery techniqus - Data Integrity - Foreign Keys with ON DELETE or ON UPDATE
  • MultiRow INSERT - MutliTable UPDATE & DELETE - REPLACE statement - INSERT INGORE
  • START TRANSACTION - SAVEPOINT - Locking & Non-locking consistent reads - Managing AUTOCOMMIT
  • Emulation of set operators like INTERSECT and MINUS - UNION & UNION ALL
  • Exclusive coverage on GROUP FUNCTIONS and Modifiers - ROLLUP, GROUPING() - Group Functions with Joins
  • Analytical functions RANK(), DENSE_RANK(), FIRST_VALUE(), LAST_VALUE() and Conditional flow CASE() and IF()
  • Learn to use SQL effectively and efficiently through industry standard examples
  • Most comprehensive SQL language coverage - from scratch to exclusively advanced
  • Guaranteed to get hired if you complete this course - Showcase your "SQL expertise"


First have a look at what two of the first enrolling students have to say about this course on giving 5* rating -
"I am a Linux system admin, also teach the same. I needed to take a database course to expand my skills. Initially I did not think, the course would go so much long way to impress me. By far this is the best of courses so far I purchased on Udemy. The instructor talks in clear & understadable way at perfect pace. Each lesson very short yet full .... - by Madan Tiwari"
"This is the course what every online course should be like. Amazing contents and explanations. The logical sequence of sections and topics is amazing, imparts solid base of knowledge ..... - by Ashlesha"
Why learning SQL thoroughly rather than superficially is important?
All industry, commerce, retail, or government activities are going data driven
Most jobs, if not all, will go to the people knowing techniques of storing, manipulating and analyzing data, in time to come
Extra-wide job opportunities waiting out there in every field
Statistics show SQL language at no.1 in demand with extra-wide demand v/s supply gap
SQL is very easy to learn – Simple English like syntax – No programming background required
SQL is ANSI standard language – independent of database systems you use
SQL opens perpetual job opportunities – Web development, Data Science, BI, Data Analyst, AI, Data Migration, Data Mining, DBA
Why take particularly this course?
There are 1000s of online courses on SQL, then why choose only this? Because choosing the right course is crucial to your career –
Single course for – Beginner, Intermediate & Advance. Then why pay for 3 different courses?
Quick interview preparation for all levels
To the point lessons – Concise yet complete – Average length of lessons 7 minutes
Includes purely industry oriented examples of applied knowledge
Goes overboard than just teaching syntax level – It is scenario based learning
Discover 40% topics covered exclusively here – Even not touched in advanced courses
Not only lessons but also exercises and assignments closely follow the interview pattern
Feel "experienced " in SQL by the end of this course – ready to demonstrate expertise
Learn to handle most complicated cases by with stored procedures, triggers and indexes
Gain expertise in handling data consistency in high density transaction environments
Learn to port data through export and receive through import
25 years of expertise has gone into scripting contents and instructional design of this course
Downloadable transcript of narration, including code with each lesson to enhance your learning experience
4-5 lessons are added every week – you keep learning the latest
What is my authority as instructor to this course?
I have been in the field of database administration for almost 25 years - working as well as a trainer. My teaching experience is deeply rooted in the corporate, where the courses are required to be designed as per the trends in the industry.  So I can guarantee that this course actually represents the best of combination of my various corporate courses' model. Apart from corporate training, I have equal number of years experience as adjunct faculty to various university colleges in India and abroad. And through that, I know what a fresher needs, to make an indelible mark in securing the first job, and then to continue in high mast career. My classroom teaching experience exposed me to deal with students from all different fields and levels, experienced in some or the other technologies including to some extent in databases. Teaching experienced had not been an easy task, but that brought me practical exposure to deal with industry scenarios. This my entire experience goes to frame the instructional design of this most comprehensive course ever available out there.
I invite you to go through the curriculum (list of sections and lessons) to know the worth of this course.
See you get associated with the course!
Who this course is for:

Absolutely anyone who has desire to learn SQL
Fresher or working - Seeking or on the job - You must learn SQL - This course is for you
Aspiring to become data analyst, data scientists, database admins particularly must learn SQL
Python, Java, PHP, .Net programmers who need to embed SQL in their code

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