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Python for beginners


Master the fundamentals of Python while working on various usecases in easy steps
  • Created by Bharath Thippireddy
  • English


Whether you are a College student learning the fundamentals of Python or a Data Science expert using python to analyze your data or a Web Developer using python frameworks like DJango or a Experienced python developer who wants to fill in the gaps , this course will help you accomplish your goals.
Master the Features of Python Language
Install Python Virtual Machine and the Eclipse IDE(PyDev)
or Install PyCharm Community Edition
Execute your first python program
Learn various simple types as well as collection types lists , sets , maps and tuples
Work on various Usecases to apply you Python knowledge
Define logic using conditional statements ,looping constructs
Use the different types of operators
See the input and output functions in action
Pass Command line arguments
Create and use functions , Lambdas Decorators and Generators
Learn what Object Oriented Programming is the four OOPs principles
Implement inheritance, abstraction, polymorphism and encapsulation
Understand interfaces, their importance, and their uses
Use abstract classes and interfaces to implement abstraction
Spawn of multiple threads
Handle Exceptions
Read and Write files using the Files API
Do pattern matching using Regular expressions
Deal with data and time
Work with databases
All in simple steps
What are the requirements?
Python,PyCharm Community Edition or Eclipse IDE(Installation is covered in easy setup section)
Who this course is for:

Any student who wants to learn python in depth
Developers who are getting started with Python
Big Data professionals who want to learn pythons quickly and in depth
Experienced developers who want to fill in any gaps in their knowledge

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