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Python Programming


Udemy Coupon - Python Programming, Python for beginners with exercises, functional programming, object oriented programming, best programming practices.
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  • Created by Gulshan Bajaj
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This course is for learning the programming in a step-by-step manner using Python. It covers different aspects of problem solving, functional programming, object-oriented programming and library development.
This course has many hands-on examples and exercises which enable the student not only to understand the concepts but to practice them thoroughly. Programming can be learnt only by experience; therefore, we encourage the students to go through all exercises and learn by making mistakes, correcting them and move up to the next level.
This course assumes that the student is new to the programming and starts from the very basics. First of all, the programming fundamentals are covered e.g., variables, conditions and loops etc.
After covering the fundamentals, this course describes the problem-solving aspect. This aspect covers breaking down the problem statement using functional programming.
It also covers the object-oriented programming so that the student can simulate the real-world scenario and can start contributing as a developer. After completing this course, she should be able to understand the object-oriented design principles and will be able to develop the required classes and methods.
In summary, this course takes its student from a novice level to an experienced one and helps her in becoming an accomplished software developer in her career.
Who this course is for:

Beginner Python developers
Students curious about programming
Java Developers curious about Python
IT engineers
Software Developers
Engineering Students
Computer Science Students
Data Scientists
Data Analysts

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