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Statistics Masterclass for Data Science and Data Analytics


Statistics Masterclass for Data Science and Data Analytics, 
Build a Solid Foundation of Statistics for Data Science, Learn Probability, Distributions, Hypothesis Testing, and More!
  • Created by Vijay Gadhave
  • English [Auto]


Starting a career in Data Science or Business Analysis ?
then this course will help you to Built a Strong Foundation of statistics for Data Science and Business Analytics
This course is Very Practical, Easy to Understand and Every Concept is Explained with an Example !

I have added real life examples to understand the applications of statistics in the field of Data Science...

We'll cover everything that you need to know about statistics and probability for Data Science and Business Analytics !

1) Levels of Measurement
2) Measures of Central Tendency
3) Population and Sample
4) Population Standard Variance
5) Quartiles and IQR
6) Permutations,Combinations
7) Intersection, Union and Complement
8) Independent and Dependent Events
9) Conditional Probability
10) Bayes’ Theorem
11) Uniform Distribution, Binomial Distribution
12) Poisson Distribution, Normal Distribution, Skewness
13) Standardization and Z Score
14) Central Limit Theorem
15) Hypothesis Testing, Type I and Type II Error
16) Students T-Distribution
17) ANOVA - Analysis of Variance
18) F Distribution
19) Linear Regression and much more...

So What Are You Waiting For ?
Enroll Now and Empower Your Career !
Who this course is for:

People who want to pursue their career in Data Science
Business Intelligence
Business Analysis
Business Executives
Anyone who wants to learn Statistics and how to use it in Business World
Anyone who wants to learn statistics and its fundamentals

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