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Digital Forensics and Cyber-Crime Investigation


Digital Forensics and Cyber-Crime Investigation - 
Computer Forensics
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  • Created by AFROZULLA KHAN Z
  • English [Auto]

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Please, before reading the Description, watch the Promo Video, for a better understanding.
I hope you have watched the Promo Video!
So let me start with the Description...
Are You Ready To Take Your Cyber-Crime Investigation Skills To The Next Level?
It is my great pleasure to welcome you all to Digital Forensics and Cyber-Crime Investigation Course.
I’m delighted to see you here. And a special welcome to those of you who are in the Digital Forensics and Cyber-Crime field for the first time.
I Afrozulla Khan, Welcome You All To
Digital Forensics & Cyber-Crime Investigation Course!
You will have knowledge of these topics after completing this course, Digital Forensics and Examination, Reasons for performing Digital Forensics, Types of Digital Forensics, Searching for evidence and Digital Footprints on the Seized Computer, Methodologies of Acquisition and Seizing Digital Devices, Knowledge of Windows Forensics, Volatile and Non-Volatile Information Gatherings, Forensic Analysis of RAM Dump, Recover Deleted Files, Steganography Analysis, Multimedia Forensics, and Anti-Forensics Techniques used by Hackers to erase the evidence.
BONUS (Endless Benefits)
It will take you only four hours to learn my course and put it to use in your investigation!
My Course is so easy to understand that you'll wonder if it's the soulmate you were searching for all along!
You might have a lot of courses available on your hands and you probably always will, but not taking the right course to upgrade your skills and knowledge will be a loss.
Allah Hafiz!
This is Afrozulla Khan, signing off!
Who this course is for:

People who have no experience with Digital Forensics and Cyber-Crime, and want to learn it.
People who want to learn how to perform Computer Forensics Investigation.
People who want to enhance their skills in Digital Forensics and Cyber-Crime.

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