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Google Professional Cloud Developer Certification Tests 2021


Google Professional Cloud Developer Certification Tests 2021 - 
best Practice Tests for Google Professional Cloud Developer Certification 2021
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A Professional Cloud Developer builds scalable and highly available applications using Google-recommended practices and tools. This individual has experience with cloud-native applications, developer tools, managed services, and next-generation databases. A Professional Cloud Developer also has proficiency with at least one general-purpose programming language and is skilled at producing meaningful metrics and logs to debug and trace code.
The Professional Cloud Developer exam assesses your ability to:

Design highly scalable, available, and reliable cloud-native applications
Build and test applications
Deploy applications
Integrate Google Cloud services
Manage application performance monitoring

Professional cloud developer skills are in demand — and rightfully so. Enterprises are spending more on cloud-based infrastructure than traditional IT, and most engineers are refreshing their skills to learn how to build systems in cloud environments. But what about building the applications that will run in those cloud environments?

The benefits of cloud infrastructure present an interesting set of challenges for application design as we move from monolithic legacy IT to distributed cloud architectures.

A Professional Cloud Developer understands the principles of cloud-native software design and can build, test and deploy applications using best practices for scalability, reliability, and security.

For developers working with Google Cloud Platform, the Professional Cloud Developer certification proves that you are at the cutting edge of cloud-native development, and will place you ahead of your peers in the competitive cloud developer job market.
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