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Interactive Data Visualization With R Shiny


Interactive Data Visualization With R Shiny - 
Learn R and Shiny to build interactive web applications to visualize data science models.
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  • Created by Nathaniel Whittingham
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Are you looking to get more exposure to your data? Are you building beautiful models, algorithms, and visualizations but don't have a way to get them in front of your end user? Then this course is for you, Shiny is THE tool for communicating your data science work to a broader audience. R Shiny is quickly growing and becoming a must-know language for data scientists and data analysts.
By learning R and Shiny you can develop the tools to get all of your models and data visualizations behind web applications. By using the R Shiny web framework you can quickly publish your work, put it in front of your audience and have your end-users work interactively with your data.
Go beyond traditional dashboards and build interactive web applications that work with today's models and algorithms. Have your user explore machine learning, forecasting tools, and more in real-time which will allows the user to gain a deeper understanding of your models and your data.
This course is for data scientists, data analysts, or anyone who is enthusiastic about taking their data communication to the next level. R Shiny is the go-to tool for building data applications, data MVPs, and incorporating data in your micro services.
Who this course is for:

Students, data scientists, analysts, anyone who uses data and wants to build stellar visualizations and MVP data visualizations FAST!

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