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iOS App Development with Swift 5 and iOS 14


iOS App Development with Swift 5 and iOS 14 - 
Learn how to build real world apps with Swift using advanced iOS development techniques made simple for beginners
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  • Created by Kenneth Jones
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Developing mobile apps for iOS is a great way to supplement your income and create the apps that you've always wanted. Every year Apple releases new and better tools for developers and users to create apps that push the boundaries of technology and imagination.
What used to be just iOS development has now become a full ecosystem of devices to develop for, including the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, and Apple Watch. Learn iOS app development with Swift 5 and automatically you will be prepared to develop for all the different Apple devices.
In this course you will learn the essentials for designing and coding useful, real-world mobile apps using Swift 5 and Xcode, along with hundreds of Apple developed APIs to make developing for their devices smooth, simple, and fun!
Which apps will I build?
First, we'll create a Currency Converter app that allows the user to enter an amount in US dollars and get it converted to other currencies from around the world.
We'll be learning all about Storyboards, the Model-View-Controller design pattern, functions in Swift 5, how to use Constraints and AutoLayout to design our app for all the different screen sizes at once, and so much more.
Next, we'll build an app using tables and lists, something every developer needs to know, in our app Doggy Data.
We'll learn about Scroll Views, how to build a master-detail application, how to transfer data between different screens in your app, and how to decode raw JSON data to use in your app.
After that, we'll build a fun little app that connects to the internet and pulls random The Office quotes from online and displays them in our app.
We'll learn all about networking and running code in the background to avoid lags, as well as diving deeper into decoding and organizing data that may come in a less organized manner than we would like it too. We'll also learn how to read, understand, and use an online API.
Where can I use iOS development skills?
Mobile developers are in very high demand in the job market, with an average salary of over $100,000 a year in the USA. Every company wants an app, because they know everyone has a mobile phone that they carry with them at all times. Mobile is the future, and more and more employers are jumping on that train every single day.
Many mobile developers have also started indie development studios to develop apps or games for Apple devices. Many of these indie studios have gone on to create some of the biggest and most successful apps on the App Store.
Mobile development skills can also give you a sense of satisfaction and purpose, knowing that anytime you think of a new app idea, you can be the one to create it and bring it to life! There's just no other feeling like it!
Let's get started!
I appreciate you considering this course as you take the first steps to becoming an expert iOS developer. I can't wait to see what you create!
Come on, let's get started!
Who this course is for:

Beginner iOS developers with a passion for creativity and learning

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