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Next.js - Build Full Stack Apps with Next.js using Redux


Next.js - Build Full Stack Apps with Next.js using Redux - 
Next.js - Learn Next.js to build Full Stack, Production Ready & Powerful Apps using Redux, next-auth, Stripe & Vercel
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  • Created by Ghulam Abbas
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If you want to build a Full-stack App in React (Next.js) or if you want to learn how to implement server-side rendering then welcome to this Ultimate Next.js course.

In this course, we will use Next.js which is a production-ready React.js framework. This is one of the most powerful tools with its three most key features:

File-based routing
Server-Side Rendering
Full-stack application development

And in this course, we are going to use all these features and implemented them in our project. Not only this, we will also learn that How we can implement Redux for state management in Next.js with Server Side Rendering.

We will use next-auth which is the most popular package used with next for ultimate and powerful authentication.
We will make a full-stack Hotel Booking Application that is only built with Next.js.
We will integrate Stripe Payment Gateway to accept payment from users and follow and the best practices for that.

You can watch the complete DEMO of this project in the course content. If you are ready to build Production-Ready, Full Stack, Server Side Rendered Apps then I will see you in the course.

Course Content:

Setting up Environment
Why Next.js?
Starting BookIT Project with Next.js
Adding Rooms Resource
Custom Error Handling
Adding Filters, Search, Pagination
Let's start BookIT Frontend
Data Fetching in Next.js
Implementing Redux for State Management
Adding Pagination, Search on Frontend
Authentication with next-auth
Protected Routes & Handle User
Handle Room Bookings
Adding Stripe for Payments
Handle Room Reviews
Admin Routes - Part 1
Admin Routes - Part 2
Deploying on Vercel
Who this course is for:

Any developer who wants to enhance React knowledge
Developers who want to build build Full Stack React Applications
Any developer who wants to learn Next JS practically
Anyone who loves to learn new technology

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