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The Simplest Guide™ to Advanced SAS Programming *Macros*SQL*


The Simplest Guide™ to Advanced SAS Programming *Macros*SQL* - 
Master Data Analysis using advanced SAS skills like SAS Macros & Proc SQL | SAS Advanced Certification | SAS Base Prereq
  • Created by Aslam Khan
  • English [Auto]


A  comprehensive, simple and visual guide to SAS Programming, this course is simplified into the 2 main areas : SAS Macros and Proc SQL
This course is for advanced users who wish to do Data Analysis using advanced SAS Programming
Delivered in a highly visual style, you will experience a unique and immersive method of the lectures
Equips you with the cutting-edge tool used in many industries, primarily in Pharma, Finance and Insurance areas
Simplified to just 2 main areas, this course is an accelerated path to learning advanced SAS programming
A guide to the Advanced SAS certification exams
Super easy to to start using SAS with installation necessary. All you need is a web browser and a good internet connection. This course uses the latest SAS Studio offered by SAS OnDemand and is complete FREE !
Quiz and Practice Tests included
SAS Macros will teach you how to build powerful code using the power of SAS Macros, how to significantly reduce your coding lines to make your code reusable, efficient and do a lot more.
PROC SQL will teach you how to combine the power of SAS and SQL together in one procedure called PROC SQL (more lectures are planned to be added soon)
Online learning need not be like “Cat vs Laser Pointer” videos for students...
Let me ask you a question. Why do so many instructors who teach online think their students are like their pet cats? Amazed why I think of it this way. Just go look at any course videos on Udemy or Youtube, and you will see the way most instructors teach their courses is to point a colored laser dot on their course video, and demand students to follow through the entire course material. Still worse, some instructors use their dumb mouse pointers for this purpose !
Why do students who are just building excitement in learning a new topic have to put up with these uninteresting lectures. The worst way an instructor can teach a subject is to bombarded his or her students with a series of text-heavy slides with tons of bullet points. As if that was not boring enough to kill student’s enthusiasm, they use the mesmerizing laser pointer and move like crazy all over the screen.
Welcome to the new way of teaching !
We are visual creatures because most of our brain is wired for visual sensory processing. The quickest way to learn, remember and more importantly understand anything new is to not read it from a set of slides with a background narration from an instructor, but to visually see with your eyes what is being taught in the form of real-world objects, associate them to the topic being discussed, and then allow our brains to form those hard-to-forget indelible connections in our minds. If every instructor taught this way; with a little bit of practice and effort, most of you can not only comprehend the subject, but also master it in the quickest possible way. That is why you will almost never find me using bullet points in my course lectures, and never will you find me bringing up the dreadful laser pointer, EVER !
By using the latest in touch-screen technology and a lot of on-screen sketches, I make the course lectures come to life ! I do this to have an impact on YOU,  by LEADING your eyes to what you should focus on a slide, and letting your MIND follow-through, and to ultimately make you UNDERSTAND the topic. See it for yourself !

Who this course is for:

Want to pass the Advanced SAS Certification
Build complex SAS programming code using Macros
Build powerful SQL queries in SAS to extract, analysis and visualize data

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