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Windows Server 2019 Administration


Windows Server 2019 Administration - 
Learn Active Directory, Group Policy, DNS, DHCP, Storage, Backup, Azure integration and More
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  • Created by Kevin Brown
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Learn to manage Windows Server 2019/20H2 with more than 20+ hours of content that every systems administrator, network administrator and/or Cloud engineer or architect should know. Some experience with Windows Server operating systems would be beneficial, but not a requirement for attending this course.
Course topics include:
· Deploying Windows Server Desktop Experience
· Deploying Windows Server Core
· Understanding how PowerShell can be used for many administrative tasks
· Managing Active Directory objects, including users, computers, groups, and more
· Learn how Windows Server 2019 and Active Directory integrates with Azure Active Directory (AzureAD)
· Understanding Windows Server Group Policy design considerations, processing and troubleshooting
· Administering Windows Server Group Policy settings and preferences
· Managing DNS on a Windows Server, including management of Active Directory Integrated, Primary, Secondary and Stub zones, Records, Scavenging and more.
· Manage Windows updates using WSUS to ensure clients and servers have the most recent updates
· Implementing and Managing DHCP on Windows Server, topics such as DHCP Failover, DHCP Split-Scope
· Windows Server folder quotas and file screens
· Deploy DFS Namespace and DFS Replication using Windows Server
· Managing Print Servers and deploying printers using Group Policy Preferences
· Use Windows Server Hyper-V to create and manage virtual machines
· Understand Windows Server built-in monitoring tools
· Backup and Restore Windows Server using built-in tools
· Implement Failover Clustering
· And more....
Who this course is for:

Those that want to administer Windows Server 2019
Current IT pros that want to upgrade their skills to Windows Server 2019
Those that are new to IT or desire to enter IT

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