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Professional WordPress Theme & Plugin Development


Professional WordPress Theme & Plugin Development - 
Learn how to create your own WordPress Themes & Plugins with code from Scratch, Create Amazing Dynamic WordPress Sites!

Bestseller, Created by Juan Pablo De la torre Valdez, English [Auto]

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Welcome to the only course on Udemy that teaches you how to build complete Websites, Themes & Plugins from scratch!
WordPress is great if you want to build Dynamic Websites that use HTML, CSS, PHP & JavaScript, do you have a few experiences with these technologies and you're looking for a course to build something from the real world? this course is for you!
Who this course is for:

Don't be afraid to code, i will guide you and help you in all the process :)
if you have basic HTML & CSS experience and you want to create dynamic sites, this course is for you!
Previous WordPress Theme Development experience isn´t required, i assume this is your first WordPress Theme
If you´re trying to Learn Custom Post Types, Custom Fields, Widgets API, create a REAL WORLD PROJECT this course is for YOU!
If you wan to create mobile first, CSS3 Compatible WordPress Theme this course is for you
If you learn best by building real world projects this course is for you, we're building 4 COMPLETE PROJECTS!

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