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Getting Started with React Hooks


Getting Started with React Hooks - 
Master React Hooks, the next evolution of the popular React library for building dynamic front end interfaces

Highest Rated, Created by Boris Paskhaver, English [Auto]

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What you'll learn

  • Explore the React Hooks API introduced in React 16.8
  • Master the useState, useEffect, and useContext hooks that ship with the library
  • Declare your own custom hooks to extract business logic from components
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  • Welcome to Getting Started with React Hooks!
  • This course offers a comprehensive overview of React Hooks, the latest feature introduced in the popular React library for building dynamic front end interfaces.
  • A hook is a plain JavaScript function that "hooks" into existing React features like state, lifecycle methods, and context. In the official documentation, the core React team writes that, in due time, they "expect Hooks to be the primary way people write React components".
  • Getting Started with React Hooks begins with the essentials and proceeds to more complex topics including:
  • The useState hook
  • The useEffect hook
  • The useContext hook
  • Custom hooks
  • In addition to hooks, the course is packed with optional lessons to enhance your knowledge of core JavaScript and React concepts. These topics include:
  • Stateless functional and class-based React components
  • Lifecycle methods
  • Array and object destructuring
  • Closures
  • Event Listeners
  • The React Context API
  • No matter your skill level, the content is designed to get you up to speed on React Hooks as quickly as possible.
  • Thanks for checking out the course!
Who this course is for:

  • React developers who want to explore the future of the popular UI library
  • Front end developers interested in discovering the React library

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