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How To Dress Like A Fashion Icon | New Image, New You!



Boost your confidence & master your image and personal style! Learn fashion styling from this 'Highest Rated' course

Bestseller, Created by Zehra Elif Zevulun, English, Turkish

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Welcome to Udemy's HIGHEST RATED & BESTSELLER course on fashion styling!
You are at the right place if...
You are struggling to build a presentable image
You want to feel and look your best and impress the rest
You admire Instagram influencers, fashion stylists looking good on social media
If you need coaching to master a self confident image and a style guide.
You regret wasting money and time on clothes you haven’t worn
It sounds familiar: 'I have a wardrobe full of clothes yet nothing to wear!'
* You DO NOT need to be a model, have a big budget or an advanced skill to look stylish! * All you need is to learn the tricks of fashion styling!
So, ready to learn the strategies to boost your CONFIDENCE and receive COMPLIMENTS?
Welcome to the first volume of ‘STYLE TRANSFORMATION’ Series. This set has 30 lectures covered in 3 master principles: discovering your authentic style, dressing according to your body shape and in the right colors that flatter you.
You'll learn:
The formula behind style: WHAT to wear, WHY to wear and HOW to wear... so you can apply in future, indefinitely!
How to COMBINE & STYLE tops, pants, jackets, skirts, dresses and accessories to FLATTER your body shape and BALANCE your proportions
How to OPTIMIZE your wardrobe by making the most out of it.
How to get ready FAST & CHIC with the RIGHT outfits, accessories, colors.
How to SAVE MONEY & TIME at shopping by buying only what suits you, matches your needs and clothes you will definitely wear
Comments from enrolled students:
* 'Zehra explains in a comprehensive way how I find my shape and colours and what to do with it. And there’s many good downloads.' Astrid
* 'It helped me to grasp the logic of style. I already feel more confident in my outfit choices.' Christina 
* 'The instructor is delightful, fun, energetic, and knowledgeable. It is a pleasure to learn from her!' - Carolyn
This course includes many FREE BONUSES! Everyone who enrolls gets free & downloadable resources:
Personal style test
700+ looks & outfit inspirations
Pinterest Moodboard Creation Guide
Color Analysis Guide
+ Bonus sections 
About The Curriculum:
To the point, EASY to follow, step by step instructions which will lead to IMMEDIATE RESULTS!
Your style TRANSFORMATION will be INSTANTLY RECOGNIZABLE! You will INSPIRE others with new fashionable you!
Enjoy the STREAMLINED learning process and COMPREHENSIVE content designed by your instructor who has 15 years of EXPERIENCE in fashion styling, image consulting and coaching.
The  course is in English with English and Turkish Subtitles and Transcripts * TÜRKÇE ALTYAZILI *
About The Instructor:
Hi, my name is Elif! With more than a decade experience in trends, fashion and tutoring; I am looking forward to walking you through your style transformation, such an honor! 
Let's start, shall we? :) ENROLL NOW!
PS: I know you'll love the course! However, in case you don't, you can get a 100% refund in 30 days. Therefore, there is absolutely no risk to sign up!
Who this course is for:

ANYONE who wants to... * DRESS TO IMPRESS,
* Make a successful FIRST IMPRESSION,
* Embrace a STRONG, CONFIDENT image and feel EMPOWERED,
* Get recognized as STYLISH and elegant with sophisticated FASHION gusto plus TIMELESS style,
* Feel and look AUTHENTIC & highlight the absolute BEST in themselves!

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