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Learn Business Data Analysis with SQL and Tableau


Learn Business Data Analysis with SQL and Tableau - 
Improve your Business Analytical Skills with with SQL and Data Visualization

Created by Data Science Guide, English

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  • As most of the business data stored in relational databases, learning SQL is essential for anyone wants to be a data analyst or scientist. SQL is the main tool used to manipulate data in relational databases, so mastering SQL is necessary to perform deep data analyses. This course teaches you SQL from scratch till writing complex queries. The course starts with you from basic to advanced level. You will learn using the most important functions, such as: aggregation and date functions at your queries. Furthermore, you will learn joining multiple tables at your queries to retrieve the data you need for your analyses. Before that, you learn how to install and use Microsoft SQL Server and Northwind database. In the next section, you will learn about data visualization and using Tableau to create insightful diagrams and charts. You will learn installing Tableau and be comfortable with creating varied diagrams, dashboards and stories and use them for business data analyses.
Who this course is for:

  • Those who need to learn to create complex SQL queries and professional data diagrams and charts for data analysis

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