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Snowflake[A-Z] Zero to Hero Masterclass(Core+SQL+API+Visual)


Snowflake[A-Z] Zero to Hero Masterclass(Core+SQL+API+Visual) - 
Snowflake Masterclass launched in SEP 2020, Highest CONTENT HOURS to make you EXPERT on Snowflake Datawarehouse concepts

Bestseller, Created by Kashish Gakkar, English [Auto]

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What you'll learn

  • Core Snowflake Concepts
  • Advanced Concepts such as Time Travel, Fail Safe, Caching, etc.
  • Detailed Overview of Snowflake WebUI
  • SQL - Beginner to Advanced
  • Snowflake API for Python
  • Automate Snowflake tasks using Python
  • How to connect Snowflake Data with Tableau and create visualizations
  • How to connect Snowflake Data with PowerBI and create visualizations
  • Frequent Updates about Snowflake functionalities



SnowPro Core Certification Practice Test added
- This will help you understand the examination pattern
- Will boost your confidence before attempting the actual examination

This course is launched in SEPTEMBER 2020 with motive to make you Master on Snowflake Data Warehouse core concepts as well as its APIs, connectors, SQL, etc. This course will also help you to get certified on Snowflake.
This course is providing HIGHEST NUMBER OF CONTENT HOURS to cover each and every aspect related to Snowflake.
In couple of days, this course is marked as "Best Seller" course by Udemy because of:
1.) course content
2.) students feedback
3.) students engagement
4.) prompt instructor responses on QnA
5.) proportion of number of new enrollments as compared to other courses

----------------------- TAKE THIS COURSE WITH MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE OF 30 DAYS -----------------------

Snowflake is an in-demand cloud Data Warehouse. It solves most of the problems such as scalability, maintenance and downtime which we used to face with traditional data warehouses.

Using its Modern Architecture and Massive Parallel Processing (MPP) power, many complex problems can be solved within minutes. These days, Data Analysts/Data Scientists/Data Engineers are adopting Snowflake to avoid any maintenance and to pay what they use. Because of its elasticity, they spend less time finding insights from the data stored in Snowflake.
This course is specially designed for people who are looking forward to learn Snowflake. It does not matter if you are working as a Data Analyst/Data Scientists/Data Engineer/Programmer/BI Expert or as a Student, Data is everywhere so there is a need to process voluminous data to perform day-to-day tasks.
I have tried to include all aspects to perform operations on Snowflake such as:
1.) Snowflake Core concepts
2.) Snowflake Advanced Concepts:
        - Time Travel
        - Fail Safe
        - Zero-Copy Cloning
        - Data Sharing
        - Query History
        - Resource Monitors
        - Caching
        - Micro-Partitioning
3.) Working with Snowflake APIs using Python
4.) Use Tableau with Snowflake for Visualizations
4.) Use PowerBI with Snowflake for Visualizations
6.) Snowflake SQL - Beginner to Expert Level

A lot of companies are adopting Snowflake as their Data Warehouse and migrating data from disparate sources to it. Because of Snowflake's architecture, companies are saving their costs as Snowflake separates storage and compute costs. Also, you have to pay for what you use on Snowflake. There is no overhead cost on top of it.
Along with this, companies get a lot of advantages with respect to setting up Snowflake.
- They just have to create Snowflake account
- No hardware setup is required
- No software is required to run snowflake
- No installation is needed
- Users does not need to bother about their infrastructure, Snowflake takes care of it perfectly by themselves.
- Snowflake provides default security on data such as encryption of data at rest and in transit.
And many more....

You will get downloadable one-stop-shop for all the resources used in this Masterclass

********************   By end of this course, you will be able to work as an Snowflake Expert   ********************


I am sure you would enjoy learning Snowflake with me. :)
In case you don't then you can take benefit of 30 days money-back guarantee within first 30 days and i would be happy to refund your money.

About Me:
I am Kashish Gakkar, a Senior Data Engineer holding more than 7years of experience. I have experience on various skills and technologies related to:
        - ETL
        - Data Warehousing
        - Data Science/Analytics
        - Business Intelligence
        - Big Data
        - Cloud Technologies : AWS & AZURE
        - Programming Expertise : Python, SAS, etc.

--------- HAPPY LEARNING & KEEP GROWING ---------
Who this course is for:

  • Data Engineers who are looking to expand their horizon
  • Data Analysts & Data Scientists: To make data ready on snowflake to perform Analytics on it
  • Any person who is interested to learn Snowflake from Beginner to Expert level
  • Students or any working professionals who are looking for upskilling themselves

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