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React & TypeScript Chrome Extension Development [2021]


React & TypeScript Chrome Extension Development [2021]

Learn Google Chrome Extension development using modern web frameworks. JavaScript, React, TypeScript, Webpack and more!
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Hi! Welcome to the comprehensive Chrome Extension Development course using modern web frameworks in 2021. This is the only course on Udemy that is focused on building extensions using modern technologies like TypeScript, React and Webpack along with standard JavaScript and HTML/CSS development. Using popular frameworks means that the skills you learn in this course building extensions will be transferrable to general web software development.

The course is designed flexibly for students of all levels, covering everything from the very basics of extensions to more exciting new technologies! The first part of the course is designed to help you hit the ground running so that you can develop your very first extension within the first hour of the course. Then, we begin introducing more advanced concepts, technologies and projects to supercharge your extension development skills.

Throughout the course we cover a ton of concepts and technologies:

Comprehensive overview of the fundamentals behind Chrome Extensions

Building extensions using the standard approach with JavaScript, HTML and CSS

Designing a Webpack build system to enable the use of React and TypeScript in your extension

Basic usage of Git and NPM on the command line

Using design system component libraries like Material UI to build beautiful UIs quickly

Building three large extension projects step-by-step from scratch

Data fetching using HTTP requests to third party APIs

Deploying your completed extension to the Chrome Web Store for real users

If you have any additional questions, please let me know. I'm always happy to help!

Register today to see what modern Chrome Extension development can look like!

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone curious about learning to build Chrome Extensions using modern web frameworks
  • Perfect for developers of all skill levels looking to expand their web development skills to Chrome Extensions
  • If you want to take ONE course to learn everything you need to know about chrome extension development, take this course

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