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CompTIA Network+ Certification Training



Clear your CompTIA Network+ certification exam with this course.
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This course is your one-stop resource to prepare for the CompTIA Network+ (N10-007) certification exam. The entire curriculum is covered, and we have included full-length practice tests to help you gauge where you stand when it comes to the actual certification exam.

Across the landscape of self-paced online courses, users generally get troubled on account of the following concerns

what happens if I get stuck - will my questions really be promptly answered?

what happens if and when the exam changes - will whatever I have learned go to waste?

We intend to resolve these concerns by a) leveraging our global pool of subject matter experts and instructors to answer every course-related question within one business day, and b) committing to a course update frequency of at least 1 update every six months, and an update within 1 month in the event of any update to the certification exam.

Course coverage

This course is intended solely as an exam prep solution to help prepare you for the CompTIA Network+ (N10-007) certification exam. The topics covered include the Basics of Networking, Network Infrastructure, Network Security, Network Management, and Network Troubleshooting.

About the CompTIA Network+ certification exam

The current version of the Network+ certification exam - N10-007 - is a 90-minute exam that uses a scaled scoring system to assess your knowledge on a scale of 100- 900 (with 720 being the passing score). The exam tests you across the design and implementation of networks, managing essential network devices, ensuring the resilience of networks, implementing network security, troubleshooting problems, and creating virtualized networks.

The certification exam can be taken at PearsonVue test centers, or online at home through the Pearson OnVUE system. The question types include multiple-choice questions, drag and drops, and CompTIA’s performance-based question format.

Note: A new exam for the CompTIA Network+ certification - N10-008 - is set to launch in September 2021. However, the current exam - N10-007 - will be valid till its retirement in Summer 2022.

Included in this course

1 business day’s turn-around-time to resolve all your queries by our experts

Updates to our course content every 6 months (minimum frequency)

18+ hours of video lectures

Downloadable copy of our Network+ (N10-007) Study Notes for the course

A set of two Simulated Exams that will make you confident to pass the Network+ (N10-007) exam

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to pass the CompTIA N10-007 Certification Exam
  • Anyone who is seeking a career in the network and security domain

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