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Image Processing Masterclass in Python For Beginners In 2021


Image Processing Masterclass in Python For Beginners In 2021 - Learn basic Python image processing techniques and also build your Python skill with complete projects in Python 3
  • Created by Emenwa Global, Zoolord Academy
  • English

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Image Processing Masterclass in Python For Beginners In 2021 starts from the very beginning by teaching you image processing with Python programming and Adobe Photoshop. Then it goes into advanced topics and different career fields in Python programming and Adobe Photoshop so you can get real life practice and be ready for the real world.

Some Fundamentals of Image Processing that were covered in this course are as follows:
How to install pillow library
How to crop images
RGB, RGBA, Pallate and so on
Image splitting
How to mix multiple channels
Basic image transformations
How to convert images from JPEG to PNG and Vice Versa
So many other amazing knowledge is included with full image processing documentation
Why Must I Take This Course And What Benefit Is It To ME As A Python Programmer?
This is the only course on the internet that will help you to become a certified and successful programmer with an in-depth knowledge of the entire aspect of Python programming and prepare you with the required skills necessary to build you to face job interviews and get employed as a full stack Software developer.

Emenwa Global instructors are industry experts with years of practical, real-world experience building software at industry leading companies. They are sharing everything they know to teach thousands of students around the world, just like you, the most in-demand technical and non-technical skills (which are commonly overlooked) in the most efficient way so that you can take control of your life and unlock endless exciting new career opportunities in the world of technology, no matter your background or experience.
Who this course is for:

  • Anyone with little to no programming experience
  • Anyone who wants to learn to code.
  • Anyone who wants to learn programming but doesn't know where to start.

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