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Photoshop for prints


Photoshop for prints

How to design professional designs (business crad, letterhead, brochure) in Photoshop
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-If you are willing to create your own designs or Ads, or you wish to change your career to be a professional designer who designs for prints, this course is for you ... of course you can be a professional designer by just learning and practice everything you study during the course.


* The course duration is really short so you can learn and be professional in a short time.

* You can follow along the tutorial to learn how to use the tools and at the same time you already practice with me to create a real design not just using the tool separately.

* The course includes more than section and every section teaches you in details how to create one type of prints (business card - letterhead - Ads - Brochure)

Extra benefits:

When study this course you can contact me via Udemy messages or any social media accounts to ask for a discount to study other courses prepared by me, and I will give you up 3 discounts coupon to study my paid courses that you need.

Studied topics:

Section one:

1- Creating new file.

2- Creating simple selection using (rectangular marquee  - Elliptical marquee)

3- How to transform your selection

4-Using paint bucket tool.

5-Changing foreground color and background color.

6- How to deselect your selection.

7- Creating new layer.

8-using gradient tool.

9- Creating 3 business cards.

Section 2:

1- Creating a shape on Photoshop.

2-How to rasterize the layer.

3-How to duplicate layers.

4-Changing shape position.

5- using single row marquee.

6-Applying stroke on layers.

7- how to add to your selection.

8- Using Magic wand tool.

9- Changing color tolerance.

10- Creating 3 letterheads.

Section 3:

1- Using horizontal type mask tool.

2- Creating layer mask.

3- Ordering layers.

4- Deleting layers.

5- Creating action in Photoshop.

6- Layer Fx.

7- Saving and loading selection.

8- Typing on path.

9- Creating 2 brochures.

Section 4:

1- Inverse selection.

2-Using healing brush tool.

3-Using blur filter.

4-Using pen tool.

5-Creating 4 professional ad designs

Who this course is for:
  • Everyone

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