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100+ Exercises - Advanced Python Programming


100+ Exercises - Advanced Python Programming - 
Improve your Python programming skills and solve over 100 advanced Python problems!

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100+ Exercises - Advanced Python Programming

Welcome to the course 100+ Exercises - Advanced Python Programming, where you can check your programming skills in Python. The course is designed for people who have basic knowledge in Python. The course consists of over 100 advanced exercises (exercises + solutions) in Python.

Below are some topics that were included in the exercises:


Fibonacci sequence

prime and composite numbers

palindromic numbers


decimal system, binary system


object oriented programming

Hamming distance

Scrabble game

spiral matrices

input / output operations

work with JSON and CSV files

ETL processing

object serialization - pickle

SQLite databases - sqlite3

Levenshtein distance

Caesar Cipher

Morse code

Monte Carlo method

bitwise AND, OR, XOR

functional programming

inheritance from built-in classes

calculation of moving averages and minima

implementation of the Matrix class

implementation of the Stack class

implementation of the Queue class

the parentheses validator

HTML document validator

and other

During the course you will be able to test your programming skills in Python. This is a great test for people who want to become a Python Developer and are looking for new challenges. Exercises are also a good test for an interview. Many popular topics were covered during the course. Before taking the course, please make sure that you meet the requirements.

Don't hesitate any longer and take the challenge today!

Who this course is for:
  • everyone who wants to learn by doing
  • everyone who wants to improve Python programming skills
  • everyone who wants to prepare for an interview

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