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Deploying machine learning models with flask for beginners

Deploying machine learning models with flask for beginners

Deploying machine learning models with flask for beginners, 
How to deploy a machine learning model. How to create an API for machine learning. #machinelearning, #datascience

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What you'll learn
  • You can create your own API endpoint for your machine learning models
  • You learn how to use flask
  • You know how to quickly deploy a userfriendly html page to make image classification predictions
  • You use transfer learning
  • You train your knowlege about keras
  • You will train your data science skills

  • Basic knowlege of python
  • Basic knowledge about neural networks
  • The flask part and deployment is for beginners. We start from scratch and quickly acquire the skills together
  • Your personal interest in the topic and a hands on mentality
  • This course is hands on - instead of theory we implement the code and I explain what we do and why we do it

About this course

Let's dive into data science with python and learn how we can create our own API (Application Programming Interface) where we can send data to and let our model return a prediction.

This course is a practical hands on course where we learn to deploy our trained machine learning models aka neural networks with the flask web framework.

This is a beginners class. You don't need any pre-knowlege about flask but you should know about neural networks and python. We will learn and code step by step together and I will explain what we do along the way.

Besides machine learning apis we will also use transferlearning to use an advanced neural network and use a userfriendly HTML template to give the enduser a visual appealing interface for our application. The user can upload an image and our model will return an image classification prediction

All the resources will be provided and you can download all the used tools completely for free.

Sounds interesting? I hope so! Let's dive in and do this together. Let's acquire new skills and create new opportunities for us.

In General

Why datascience and machine learning? Well...

In the world of today and especially tomorrow machine learning and artificial intelligence will be the driving force of the economy. Data science  No matter who you are, an entrepreneur or an employee, and in which industry you are working in, machine learning (especially deep learning neural networks) will be on your agenda.

from me personal:

"From my personal experience I can tell you that companies will actively searching for you if you aquire some skills in the data science field. Diving into this topic can not only immensly improve your career opportunities but also your job satisfaction!"

It's time to get your hands dirty and dive into one of the hottest topics on this planet.

Who this course is for:
  • beginners to intermediate students in neural networks and machine learning who already know the basics
  • students who are eager to learn and dive into one of the hottest topics currently out there
  • you want to learn how to create an api endpoint for your neural network using flask
  • you want to learn about creating a neural network web service using flask

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