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Machine Learning Projects for Beginners: Work on 10 Projects


Machine Learning Projects for Beginners: Work on 10 Projects, 
Build 10 Real World Machine Learning Projects, Step by step guide to build any Machine Learning Project !

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What you'll learn
  • Complete understanding of Machine Learning Project flow
  • Machine Learning Practical Applications
  • Machine Learning for Regression Problems
  • Machine Learning for Classification Problems
  • Clustering with Machine Learning
  • NLP with Machine Learning
  • Improving the performance of a machine learning model
  • Predicting a single observation

Machine Learning and Data Science are one of the hottest tech fields now a days ! There are plenty of career opportunities in these fields. They have applications in almost every field, like transportation, Finance, Banking, Healthcare, Defense, Entertainment, etc.

Most of the students and professionals learn Data Science but specifically they are facing difficulties in building the projects, and to solve this problem i have created this course.

In this course you will learn to build Machine Learning projects from the scratch, here you will build each and every project from very beginning.

You will work on a variety of Machine Learning projects,

1) Regression

2) Classification

3) Clustering

4) Natural Language Processing

You will do below main steps in each project,

1) Data Preprocessing

2) Data Exploration

3) Model Building

4) Finalizing the Machine Learning Model

5) Hyper-Parameter tuning

6) Predicting a single observation

List of the Projects that you will work on,

Project 1: Breast Cancer Detection

Project 2: Customer churn rate prediction

Project 3: Medical insurance premium prediction

Project 4: House price prediction

Project 5: E signing of customers based on financial data

Project 6: Credit card fraud detection

Project 7: Employee Attrition Prediction

Project 8:  Customer Segmentation

Project 9: Used Car Price Prediction

Project 10: Restaurant Reviews Classification

This course is for the students and the professionals to gain complete understanding of Machine Learning project building. Basic knowledge of machine learning is machine learning and programming is an added advantage.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to learn Machine Learning project building
  • Students and Professionals who want to start a career in Data Science and Machine Learning

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