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Learn BERT - most powerful NLP algorithm by Google

Learn BERT - most powerful NLP algorithm by Google

Learn BERT - most powerful NLP algorithm by Google - 
Understand and apply Google's game-changing NLP algorithm to real-world tasks. Build 2 NLP applications.

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What you'll learn
  • Understand the history about BERT and why it changed NLP more than any algorithm in the recent years
  • Understand how BERT is different from other standard algorithm and is closer to how humans process languages
  • Use the tokenizing tools provided with BERT to preprocess text data efficiently
  • Use the BERT layer as a embedding to plug it to your own NLP model
  • Use BERT as a pre-trained model and then fine tune it to get the most out of it
  • Explore the Github project from the Google research team to get the tools we need
  • Get models available on Tensorflow Hub, the platform where you can get already trained models
  • Clean text data
  • Create datasets for AI from those data
  • Use Google Colab and Tensorflow 2.0 for your AI implementations
  • Create customs layers and models in TF 2.0 for specific NLP tasks

Dive deep into the BERT intuition and applications:

Suitable for everyone: We will dive into the history of BERT from its origins, detailing any concept so that anyone can follow and finish the course mastering this state-of-the-art NLP algorithm even if you are new to the subject.

Powerful and disruptive: Learn the concepts behind a new BERT, getting rid of RNNs, CNNs and other heavy deep learning models to implement a more intuitive way to process language that will suit a wide range of NLP purposes, including yours!

User-friendly and efficient: We’ve designed the course using the latest technologies, using Tensorflow 2.0 and Google Colab, assuring that you won’t have any local machine/software version/compatibility issues and that you are using the most up-to-date tools.

Who this course is for:
  • AI amateurs that are eager to learn how NLP research has evolved those last years and how BERT is changing everything
  • AI students that need to have a deeper knowledge about the most recent NLP techniques
  • Business driven people that are eager to know how to optimize NLP solutions to leverage any text data
  • Anyone who wants to start a new career specialized in NLP and get a strong knowledge of the state-of-the art algorithm in this field, adding efficient cases to their portfolio

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