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Business Card and Letterhead Design in Adobe Illustrator

Business Card and Letterhead Design in Adobe Illustrator

Business Card and Letterhead Design in Adobe Illustrator - 
Learn how to design business card and letterhead by a Published, Multi-Award Winning Designer! 21+ Years Experience!

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What you'll learn
Learn how to make more money from logo design!
Design stunning, professional business cards
Design professional letterhead designs
Master design of compliment slips
Create stunning, effective envelope designs
Gain in insight on bleed and how it's used in print and design
How to prepare all documents to work seamlessly with printing companiesDescription
* 'Once again, great course. Would recommend this guy's courses to anyone!'

* 'This is an outstanding course which covers everything you need to know about stationery design.'

* 'Awesome just awesome. It was an awesome course delivered by an extraordinary man. Daniel Evans is outstanding...'


*** UPDATED NOVEMBER 2021! ***

Do you want to earn even more money up-selling stationery from logo design? 

It's my assurance that you can become a professional stationery designer who can design stunning stationery with ease! This is your exclusive opportunity to learn from an award winning, published professional so that YOU can do this in no time at all!

In the course, I reveal the whole professional stationery design process from start to finish covering everything from document preparation, bleed, design and much more. You'll also learn insider tips and tricks as well as having access to exclusive material for some hands on learning!

All that's required to start is a free download of Adobe Illustrator. From here we're going to go on a journey to design awe inspiring stationery.

If you want to master designing proper, professional stationery faster than you every imagined, I'll see you on the inside!

Get your Certificate of Completion after finishing the entire course!

Who this course is for:
  • Suitable for beginners and beyond.
  • Logo designers at any level
  • Aspiring designers who wish to design office documents
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