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Java for Absolute Beginners

Java for Absolute Beginners

Java for Absolute Beginners - 
A course on Java for complete beginners to computer programming, for those who want concepts explained in plain English.

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What you'll learn
  • The fundamentals of Java
  • How to understand and write simple Java programs
  • Practice exercises to strengthen your coding knowledge

Java for Absolute Beginners is designed for those who have no previous experience in computer programming/coding. This course aims to teach programming at a steady pace with straightforward explanations so that you are not left with a thousand questions. Topics are explained in plain English and with the necessary depth, enabling you to piece everything together with ease.

This course includes:


Starting at the basics and working our way to more advanced topics

Easily digestible videos which tell you what you need to know without long-winded explanations or digressions

Concepts described in detail without straying to far from the topic at hand

Coding Exercises

Exercises at relevant stages

Exercise solutions

Who this course is for:
  • Those who have never programmed before, and wish to start their journey with Java
  • Those who want concepts explained to them in a clear and logical way
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